Do you want to travel again?

Do you want to travel again?

Probably you really want to travel and the waiting is already getting long.

Therefore, while the time does not come, I suggest you to prepare your next trip.

As you know and if I don’t tell you now, Lar Atlántica was born from the idea of sharing with the world the beauty of the Atlantic Culture and of making the Atlantic Style guide known.

For this I created a brand: Néboa.

And now, after some time and a lot of work, I can finally announce that Néboa will have its own space where you can learn more about the Atlantic Culture.

You will discover landscapes, accommodations, design, style, art and much more, all with Atlantic Style.

It may become your travel guide if you plan to visit a corner of the Atlantic Coast.

Because traveling is living new experiences, but it is also met people and their culture.

More and more, as travelers, we are more responsible and aware that is why I think you will like to be part of this Atlantic community.

This is where Néboa’s journey begins and if you subscribe here, on Friday 26th of 2021, you will receive a newsletter with all the information and presentation of the web.

I hope you love it as much as I do.